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Research focus: automated methods for well test interpretation.

Membership in the SUPRI-D Well Testing is open to everyone. The annual membership fee is $30,000 which is used for graduate students support and computer facilities.  Beyond supporting research, SUPRI-D activities being considered are listed below: 

Some of the key benefits of membership in the program are :

  • An annual review meeting at which ongoing research projects funded by the Consortium will be presented by faculty, students, and postdocs. Annual meeting usually held in May.
  • A summer short course on topics of well testing and design, in the context of modern, computer-aided approaches. Preferential registration rates are available to participants whose companies are members of the sponsoring consortium.  This course is usually held in August
  • Engagement with top students for possible recruitment and a substantial increase in the supply of graduates for work in the area of Well Testing.
  • Access to early preprints and reprints of copies of (or early access to) research reports, papers and other publications originated by faculty and students associated with the SUPRI-D program.
  • Possible visits by Stanford faculty to member companies' research centers to discuss research. The site presentations and all information, data and results arising from such visitation interactions will be shared with all members and the public.
  • Discussions of possible collaboration on research between Stanford and member companies.
  • Affiliates will be identified on the SUPRI-D website.

The SUPRI-D Well Testing is governed by university policies related to the Industrial Affiliates programs. If you have interest in hearing more about membership in the SUPRI-D, please contact: Lyrissa Roman at